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Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Defined

With pay-per-click (PPC) internet marketing, advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks one of their ads. This practice, which basically consists of “buying” site visits, is customarily used in conjunction with SEO, an acronym for search engine optimization defined as the process of ensuring a website appears in an ideal spot on the “organic” or unpaid search results returned by search engines such as Google and Bing. Both PPC and SEO fall under the umbrella term SEM, short for search engine marketing.

How can PPC help grow your business?

Pay-per-click is commonly applied in the form of search engine advertising. Ever wonder how those sponsored links you see on the Google results pages get there? Through PPC search engine advertising. Advertisers bid for ad placement in the sponsored links section, so when someone types in a keyword related to the services/ products offered by the advertising business, the company webpage shows up.

How does the PPC bidding process work?

Companies, or the internet marketing experts they employ, bid on keywords. Advertisers choose which keywords to bid on, and their PPC budget. Then, they organize the words into groups, each group paired with an ad. When a user types the (key) word or words into a search engine, that company ad may be listed first on the Google results page. Clicking the ad brings a visitor to the website, but that visit comes at a price. Like we mentioned before, PPC refers to buying site visits, so business owners pay a nominal fee for each visit that comes from the ad. The idea here is that each site visit is of a greater value than the amount you paid for it. Paying $2 per click could easily land a $200 sale for the business, making the money spent on a click well worth it.

Building a PPC campaign requires extensive knowledge and research, and therefore is best handled by the experts. Let the internet marketing professionals at Liquori Co handle your SEM needs; our staff employs proven tactics that will drive traffic to your site and boost the online presence of your business. In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, you must have the right keywords and ad groups, among a variety of other factors. Besides the fact that well-organized, germane, and wisely targeted PPC campaigns are the most successful, they also may cost less per click. That’s right, the stronger your campaign, the better rate search engines offer.

Contact the PPC Experts at Liquori Co

The PPC specialists at Liquori Co can help you navigate the confusing world of internet marketing; whether you want us to take the reins or help you get started on the process. It’s our job to improve the online visibility of your company, allowing your business to grow and reach its full potential. Contact us at 877-659-8498 or fill out this short form to discuss how we can assist you with anything information technology-related so your business can begin enjoying the benefits of an improved online presence.