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Design & Programming

The Art of Web Design Programming

The clock is ticking, and you only have a few seconds to hold a visitor’s attention before they bounce off your website. So, how do you turn a visitor into a customer? Having a sharp, visually compelling website is the key to unlocking the path to online success.

At Liquori Co., our expert site architect consultants work to build your brand a home that will get visitors to stay on your page and make a conversion. Most websites fail to help businesses achieve their goals. However, Liquori Co. designs websites from the ground up with your objectives in mind. Some developers will build the website first, forcing you to constrain your content. But design without quality content is just decoration. We understand that the most intuitive websites are built around content that engages target audiences and drives conversion.

What are the Main Principles of Web Design Programming?

Out of the millions of websites on the Internet, it can be difficult to make your website stand out. A great inbound marketing strategy can get visitors to your site, but a great web design is how you can keep them there. So what makes a good website? Successful websites all have the following things in common:

  • Creative and original layout
  • Simple color schemes and functionality
  • Consistent branding and messaging
  • User-friendly interface

Latest Web Design Trends

Web designers and web programming experts have to stay on top of the latest trends in layout and typography. Apple is one of the biggest branding and design trendsetters in the world. It redefined design for most tech companies and brought back a clean aesthetic. Our designers stay on top of worldwide design trends to make sure your website looks current and flawless. Here are some of the most popular web design trends today:

  • Flamboyant fonts– See ya later, Courier New! Fonts will more personality are popping up left and right to add character to websites.
  • Flat design– Designers are creating layouts with less gradients and shadows. Gone are the days of 3D imagery. Flat is back!
  • Large intro images– Say goodbye to sliders. Websites now feature large header images with less text.
  • Influx of videos– A picture is worth a thousand words, but videos are priceless.
  • Long scrolling websites– In conjunction with responsive web development practices, many designers prefer building functional, long scrolling websites.
  • Death of the sidebar– For websites that focus more on curating content rather than selling a product
  • Filtered images– We live in the age of Instagram and filtered pictures. To attract attention from new visitors, designers incorporate filtered or edited images in website design instead of boring stock images.

Our top-notch design programmers have the experience and creativity to create intuitive, compelling websites that could help your business attract and keep new visitors. To speak with a member of our design team about how we can help you, contact us today by calling: 877-659-8498.