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Google Penguin Update

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2012
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Google Penguin Update

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive process. For any website owner, traffic is the prime concern. Good positioning on search engine result pages is directly proportional to more business and everyone starts Google Penguin Update | Google Algorithm Change | Unnatural Linksgetting into a rat race. However, search engines like Google have realized that many individuals are creating artificial surge of back links to establish a good ranking on results pages. Also many shortcut methods were used for extra provocative promotion of websites. Some of the culprits were keyword stuffing and irrelevant anchor text in back links. Google decided to control the situation as websites with poor quality content were getting respectable positions in result pages. And on the other hand, this scenario was creating injustice to fair websites, which actually deserved the ranking and were deprived of it.

Google launched the penguin update in April 2012 to correct the wrong and deliver justice in the online world of organic Google SEO. Penguin update focused on elimination of websites with above mentioned concerns. It was such a dogmatic experience for many website owners that their websites were nowhere within first few hundred result pages. Google implied algorithm, literally cleaned the sites with black hat SEO or SEO with unethical means. Google targeted sites with over-stuffing of keywords and websites with irrelevant back links with useless and meaningless anchor texts.

The overnight downsizing of ranks was a major concern for website owners and moderators. However, Google SEO algorithm was smart enough to spare no one who has offended the system. In fact, this cleaning process is necessary and has several advantages. Websites which follow ethical promotion methods are now getting the rightful privilege and are shown with right ranks. Also negative SEO done to competition websites is now restricted. Google penguin update came in succession with Google Panda, which had focused on website with poor content and lesser value for users to view it. Both the updates focus to make internet search a better experience for users like you and me!

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