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Category Archives: Web

Web Content Tips for More User-Friendly Reading

In our last blog we focused on how to best portray your business via social media, and shared tips on general “best practices” for success promoting your business on social. Now, we will move on to discuss how to go about creating website content that is compelling and pulls in your audience. The digital content […]

  • Feb 26

SEO Tips for Non-Experts

There are certain things that SEO experts, that is those who specialize in search engine optimization, know as best practices for this method of search engine marketing. Though SEO methods and techniques are constantly changing and evolving along with internet and search engine developments, upgrades and product rollouts, there are a few practices that seem […]

  • Sep 24

Link Building Basics Part I

Link building is a necessary part of any SEO campaign, but in order to be successful, you have to stay current on the ever-changing landscape of SEO, SEM and link building, as the experts at Liquori Co do. In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of link building and its role in search engine marketing. […]

  • Aug 25

PPC Keyword Research

A necessary element of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns is keyword research. This can be time-consuming, but it’s also imperative to the success of any Internet marketing initiative. Why is this so? PPC campaigns are formed around keywords, but it’s not like you can just write a list of keywords and be done with it, the list […]

  • Jul 21

Author Tag for Google – Easy Step By Step Instructions

Google Author Tag creation is a rather painless process if you are using the shortcut outlined below. Using the Google Author tag enables a profile thumbnail to appear in the Google search results for your web site. Below I will discuss in depth a 3 part step by step process to adding your Google profile […]

  • Nov 15

Google Penguin 3 Algorithm Update

Google’s own Matt Cutts announced that during the afternoon of October 5th 2012, Google launched a data refresh of its Penguin algorithm to combat spam even further in their search results. This new algorithm update will affect many languages including a 0.3% effect of all English language search queries. Google Penguin Releases to date thus […]

  • Oct 10

Avoiding Google Guidelines

Piggy backing on our last post for the company we were talking about, we went through some of their client’s and were very surprised at what we found after looking under the hood. The following example is a way of keyword stuffing; if we go to the web site: OurBrooklynDentist DOT com (We will not […]

  • Aug 19

Link Building Dont’s

We surfed the web to find a good example of a website that is currently at the moment ignoring Google’s Penguin Update and still using an unnatural link building technique. We went even further and found a company who is in the SEO and Web development business and still using this technique for themselves and […]

  • Aug 5

Google Penguin Update

If you have a web site and unaware of the major change recently that Google rolled out in April called Google Penguin, you may be in for a rude awakening when searching for your web site’s ranking performance in the search engine ranking pages. Google Penguin 1.1 was Google’s attempt to punish web sites that […]

  • Jul 29