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Category Archives: Search Engine Marketing

Local SEO and How It Can Help Your Small Business

Optimizing your business website for local search is a must in today’s world of instant gratification and “to the tenth” of a mile accuracy when it comes to local online business searches, maps and other things. Owners of local businesses that have a physical location need to pay attention to search engine optimization and utilize […]

  • Apr 30

Google Announces Two Algorithm Changes

Another switch-up in Google’s algorithm has online marketers scrambling to perfect the mobile versions of their website in order to make the mobile sites more likely to show up on search engine results pages. These changes to mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing will be in effect as of April 21, 2015, which making it […]

  • Feb 28

Search Engine Marketing vs. Paid Online Advertising

Search engine marketing differs from advertising in that the person who sees the “message” is already kind of looking for it. We turn on the television and a Wendy’s commercial comes on the screen- we weren’t thinking about food (although now we might be), and we weren’t necessarily tuned into the food network, but food […]

  • Jan 31

SEO Myths for Beginners

Myths abound when it comes to Search Engine Marketing, SEO. The misinformation is available online, so anyone can access it- which can lead to confusion for SEOs and their clients. We’ll set the record straight. First of all, SEO is a process meant to make a website or webpage appear on search engine (Google or […]

  • Dec 31

Penguin Refresh Rollout Details

Not to be confused with its furrier cousin Panda, Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update (3.0) began rolling out Oct. 17, 2014. Google’s own Pierre Far dubbed this particular version a “refresh.” This worldwide update continued its gradual rollout for weeks following the October “soft launch,” so while the biggest wave(s) have likely hit, there could […]

  • Nov 29

Link Building Basics Part II

In Link Building Basics Part I, we covered the basic of link building and its role in search engine marketing. After reading that first blog, you should have a general understanding of hyperlinks, anchor tags, referral locations, anchor text, and link tag closures. You should also know that link building is an integral part of […]

  • Nov 2